Low level plays

The Zoo (12 parts)   A brave mouse helps his animal friends deal with a horrible zoo keeper

The Hungry Pirate (10 parts)   A hungry pirate kidnaps a mermaid. Which animal can save her?

The Octopus Queen (11 parts)   The Octopus Queen is sad. A small fish helps to cheer her up. 

The Little Mouse (4 parts)    A small mouse shows that he is more than a match for the bigger animals!

Sophie the monkey (7 parts)   Sophie the monkey rescues a little bird stuck in a tree, much to the surprise of the jungle animals. There is a story with pictures for this play   Sophie the monkey story

Sophie the monkey (12 parts)

The Princess and the Witches   Can the Princess escape from the withces? This sketch was written to accompnay the short story below

The Princess and the Withces (lower level)

The Princess and the witches story   A simple story designed to be retold by the students (see Stories on tips for getting students to retell stories)