Short plays

Short plays and radio plays

My "radio plays(see below) can also be used as normal plays!

Santa's Adventure Radio play:  A two page sketch.

The Robbery


The Magic Book

The Island Queen

George and the Dragon (12 parts)

The Day of the Robots (12 parts)  

The Witches  of Dingerly Dell (7 parts)

Cinderella (10 parts)   A simplified version of the traditional tale.

Kidnapped! (8 parts)  Lord Salem kidnaps the princess and takes her to his castle. Who can save her?

The Pirates of Santa Clara (12 parts)    Some children find a treasure map. Can they get to the treasure before the pirates?

Harry Potter and the Sword Of Gryffindor (8 parts)

The Zoo (12 parts)   A brave mouse helps his animal friends deal with a horrible zoo keeper

The Hungry Pirate (10 parts)   A hungry pirate kidnaps a mermaid.

The Octopus Queen (11 parts)   The Octopus Queen is sad. A small fish helps to cheer her up. 

The Little Mouse (4 parts)    A small mouse shows that he is more than a match for the bigger animals!

Sophie the monkey story

Sophie the monkey (7 parts)

Sophie the monkey (12 parts)

The Princess and the Witches   Can the Princess escape from the withces? This sketch was written to accompany the short story below

A Christmas questionnaire and Santa sketch (lower level)

A Christmas Adventure: A play with 7 parts.   Can Santa stop the robbers and save the day?

A Christmas Adventure: A play with 27 parts  Can Santa stop the robbers and save the day?

Radio plays

These are 2-page sketches designed to be recorded on tape/dictaphone. The children make the sound effects themselves. Playing them back becomes a wonderful listening excercise in itself. I have never seen my children listen so intently to a listening! These sketches could also be performed in front of an audience. 

Listen to an example: St Patrick's Adventure

Script: St Patrick's Adventure


This was created for a competition, so I added pictures and some extra sound effects after. In class the children made all the sound effects themselves!

The War of the Worlds

Frankenstien   A cook and a gardener come to work at Frankenstein´s castle and accidently set the monster loose!

The Visitor   Some children in a school have a big surprise when an alien comes to visit. 

The Treasure of Seagull Island A tale of pirates and treasure. 

The Robbery Part 1     Robbie the Robber tries to rob a bank. Can Inspector Green stop him?

The Robbery: Part 2 (Radio play)   Robbie the Robber escapes from prison. Inspector Green sets a trap to catch him

The Day of the Robots (Radio play)  Aliens try to take over some robots.

George and then Dragon   Can George save everyone from the dragon?

Sherlock Holmes and the case of the Mummy  Moriarty has a dasterdly plan. Can Holmes stop him?

The Space Detectives   The Space Detectives are on the hunt for a galactic criminal.

Snow White

The Vampires of Planet X   Some school children discover their teacher is a vampire! 

Robin Hood

The Time Machine

A Jungle Adventure  A brave mouse saves the jungle animals from poachers.