Longer plays

These are longer scripts, from 4 to 6 pages. All of the plays have been performed by children in either my own class or my own Theatre Club whilst working in Barcelona and at International House San Sebastian (Lacunza) and at my present job as a primary school teacher at St Patricks' English School, San Sebastian. You can download as a Microsoft word document. This will allow you to modify them to suit your own classes. You may want to cut parts, add parts, make some parts longer etc. The plays were written for mixed ability classes and so some parts are short, some long. Note that the language is not very challenging, precisely because the plays have been written to be performed, i.e. so that children can learn the lines with relative ease. They can even be done without the children having a script (see section below "Plays without scripts").

Watch some of the plays to get an idea of how easy it can be!

The War of the Worlds (28 parts)

Indiana Jones and the Crown of Immortality.(23 parts)  Watch the performance

Robin Hood (15 parts)

The Monster of San Sebastian (28 parts)  Watch the performance  Listen to the Radio Play

Harriet Potter and the Magic Ball (12 parts)   Can Harriet Potter stop Voldermort getting his hands of the magic ball?

Harry Potter and the Magic ball (version performed)  Watch the performance!

Horrid Henry and the Book of the Dead (15 parts)    Horrid Henry has to fight mummies and ninjas. 

Super Ninja and the Microchip (16 parts)    A scientist invents a microchip to learn langauges and Mad Matilda wants it!

The Diamond of Wimberlyboo (13 parts)     Robbers try to steal the famous diamond.

The Vampires of Planet X (7 parts)  WATCH THE PERFORMANCE! Aliens vampires visit planet Earth looking for the King of the Vampires. Some school children inadvertantly find out that it is non other than their teacher!

The Vampires of Planet X (14 parts)  As above, but with parts for more children. Aliens try to take over some robots.

The Space Dectectives (12 parts)   The Space Detectives come to Earth in search of a galactic criminal.

Lara Croft and the Crown of Immortality (11 parts) 

Snow White (13 parts)

The Wild Wild West  (10 parts) When there is trouble, call for the Sheriff.

The Hammer of Thor (13 parts)   Thor has to dress up as a woman to outwit the enemy (based on actual Norse myth)

Goldfinger: A Jane Bond Adventure (15 parts)
  Secret agent Jane Bond comes up against the master criminal Goldfinger, who is determined to steal the gold. Jane Bonds comes up with a cunning plan to catch him.

The Sword of Wimble Bimble (14 or more parts) Witches steal the magic sword from the museum. Can the children get it back?