Here are some simple stories I have created to help young children who are just beginning to read. Although they are designed for children who have been introduced to phonics (an approach to teaching reading and writing popular in Britain), the are suitable for any child. When I teach phonics, I teach the children to write the words as well as read them. This reinforces the letter - sound relationship. With this in mind, these short "stories" are designed so that the children, after practising writing the individual words, can then write their own version using the template below, substituting another name for Bob (their own?), and another animal. Simple examples would be dog, pig, rat, etc. They can then draw accompanying pictures.

A child may write:

Maria is a dog.        Maria is big.      Maria is a big dog.

Harry is a pig.         Harry can see Maria.     Oh no!

Writing template

Here are some simple phonics stories:

Bob the bat        A bad witch

Max can jump    Fred the fish

Tim's bat   The cat and the mouse

Longer stories for low levels

Supergirl     Superboy

The new teacher    The new pet

The monster    The party

The princes and the cat

Stories to read and illustrate

A bad witch     The monster

The Princess and the dragon (simple)

The princess and the dragon

Santa and the Monster (With writing template)

Blank story template for children to write their own story and illustrate

Longer stories to read. These are all based on the stories in the "Stories to retell" section

The Princess and the Witches   The Princess and the Dragon

Eli the elephant      The Visitors   The Treasure Map

The Magic Cauldron    The Magic Seed   Santa's day

Radio Plays: Simple 2 page sketches to get your children reading. 

Great fun to do in groups or as a whole class, especially if the record them as a real radio play, with the children doing the sound effects. Highly recommended! 

Frankenstien   A cook and a gardener come to work at Frankenstein´s castle and accidently set the monster loose!

The Visitor   Some children in a school have a big surprise when an alien comes to visit. 

The Treasure of Seagull Island A tale of pirates and treasure. 

The Robbery Part 1     Robbie the Robber tries to rob a bank. Can Inspector Green stop him?

The Robbery: Part 2    Robbie the Robber escapes from prison. Inspector Green sets a trap to catch him

The Day of the Robots   Aliens try to take over some robots.

George and then Dragon   Can George save everyone from the dragon?

Sherlock Holmes and the case of the Mummy  Moriarty has a dasterdly plan. Can Holmes stop him?

The Space Detectives   The Space Detectives are on the hunt for a galactic criminal.

Snow White

The Vampires of Planet X   Some school children discover their teacher is a vampire!

Robin Hood

The Time Machine

A Jungle Adventure  A brave mouse saves the jungle animals from poachers.