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I have loved being involved in theatre since I was a child. My acting career started, as they often do, with King Lear. I was a crowd. Over the years I was lucky enough to be involved in many theatre productions, some of which involved professional directors, set designers and script writers. It was great fun but  I didn’t realise how much I had taken in until years later when I found myself in charge of a Theatre Club whilst working for a language school in Spain.

Wonderful, I thought, a chance to do theatre! The problem was that although I had had a lot of experience of being on a stage, I had none of directing or organising other would-be actors. The first day of the new “Theatre Club” came along and there I was in the classroom facing fourteen smiling faces, all of them looking at me in obvious excitement and expectation, and I looked at them with barely disguised panic. “What exactly do I do now?” The first idea that came to mind was improvisation. Now, I wasn’t exactly sure what “Improvisation” was or how you did it, but I was sure that this is what you did in “Drama”. So I got everyone to be trees. This worked very well, for oh, at least the first five minutes. This is what I remembered doing in my drama club at school when I was their age, and funnily enough, it was just as boring. In fact, the children told me so in no uncertain terms.  And so I asked them what they did want to do? “A play! We want to do a play, act it out, do theatre!” So that week I went away and wrote a very short play, about witches, princes and princesses. Of course the play wasn’t very good, there was practically no plot and lasted about six minutes from beginning to end. But the surprising thing was that the children loved it. Probably being in a foreign language helped disguise the fact that it was pretty silly. But it didn’t matter, we had a whale of a time and “The witches of Casteldefells” was eventually performed in front of proud parents that summer. And from that inauspicious start, the rest, as they say, is history.

I continued writing and directing plays whilst working at International House San Sebastian (Lacunza) and also began to make short films.  Since then I have also given teacher training workshops on Theatre in the Classroom, among other topics, for various organisations such as The British Council, Macmillan Publishers, TESOL Spain, International House San Sebastian (Lacunza), as well as for the Basque Government. After doing a post graduate qualification in Primary Education (PGCE), I now work as an English teacher in Spain and and France and live just over the border in Hendeye, France.

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