How to write a Dramatic Dialogue

How to write your own Dramatic Dialogue

  1. Think of a topic (e.g. school, sports) 
  2. What structures/vocabulary would you like them to be able to say/use?
  3. Things they will want to say about themselves. E.g.

I go to Colegio Belen. I am in 1C. I wear/ don’t wear a school uniform. 
I start/finish school at … o ’clock. My favourite   subject is …….  I study …………

     4.  Questions to elicit the information in “a”. E.g. ,

Where do you go to school? Do you wear a school uniform? What time do you start/finish
school? Do you like  school? What is your favourite subject? Do you study English?

      5.   Put the language into a simple two person dialogue.
      6.   Keep it simple and very repetitive.
      7.  Can you think of two funny characters?      

                        Darth Vader:      Where do you go to school?
                James Bond:       I go to The English School.
                Darth Vader:       Do you wear a school uniform?
                James Bond:       Yes, I do.
                Darth Vader:       What time do you start school?

      8.  You can add other language as revision, e.g.

How are you? What’s your name? How old are you?  Can you ……?

      9.  Write a gapped version with gaps on the key words or phrases. Sometimes I put the
first letter to   help.  Remember to tell them NOT to write in the gaps. It should be done 
orally and then it can be reused as a 5-minute starter to the lesson or at the end. 

                    Darth Vader:      W_____   do you go to school?
                James Bond:       I ___ to The English School.
                Darth Vader:       _____  ____  _____ a school uniform?
                James Bond:       Yes, I do.
                Darth Vader:       W____ _____ do you start school?

   10.  Write a skeletal version with only key words. Students use the key words as prompts. 
Can they rememberthe questions and the answers? Do this stage only when they are
very familar with the dialogue and the target structures.