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Plays, sketches, speaking activities, powerpoint stories  and much more, all designed to get your young learners talking.

EFL plays: Vampires, robbers, aliens and pirates. They're all here! Your students will love it. Plus ideas for doing plays without a script, for younger children who can´t yet read.

Radio plays: Funny 2-page sketches with Frankenstein, aliens, robbers and more!

Speaking activities: Designed to improve oral fluency by getting children interviewing each other!

Dramatic dialogues: Funny 2-person dialogues incorporating key grammatical structures.

Phrasal verb stories

Mini-sketches to get children acting

Sketches for teachers to perform

Stories     Short simple stories designed to retold by the learners

Getting children writing: Use the stories as a springboard for writing

Getting children reading: Resources for children starting to read in English

Tips on how bring theatre into your classroom: 

How to get children acting          Putting on a show     

How to write your own play 

Take that first step into bringing theatre into your classroom and you'll never look back!

Dominic Streames

       Watch the plays!


       Harry Potter script                  The Vampires script  

The pantomime script   More plays

Watch the cinema trailer!

Some of my films.

         More films

Watch the film we made at the TESOL Spain National Convention in Salamanca

New: Teachers' handbook for theatre in the classroom

Short plays for intensive courses.


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